Although your Rottweiler dogs will want to be with you wherever you go, unfortunately there will come a time when this will not be possible. For instance, while there are many destinations where your Rottweiler can travel with you, sometimes bringing your Rottweiler dogs along wouldn’t be fair to him or you if you won’t be able to spend time with him. In addition, some locations you travel to, will not permit you to bring your canine pal with you.

At such times you will need to put your Rottweiler dogs care in the hands of others. If you do not have the luxury of having a good friend or family member dog sit your pooch while you are away, you’ll need to put him in a kennel.

If a kennel is the only option for your Rottweiler dogs, keep the following tips in mind:

  • References – Don’t just choose the first kennel you find. Speak with your vet or other friends or family members whom you trust that have dogs, and ask their opinions. You should also go through your phone book and search the Internet for all of the kennels located in your area, so you can have as many options as possible.
  • Phone Calls – Once you have selected a few kennels for your Rottweiler dogs, call each location and ask them a few questions about their services, as well as general questions about the kennel such as how long its been operating, how they take care of the dogs, where they keep the dogs, etc.
  • Unannounced visit – After you call the Kennels pay them an unannounced visit. This is how you can get a first impression without warning the kennel of your coming. This will give you an overall “feel” for the place so you can get a hint of how they operate are on a regular basis.
  • Meet the staff – When you pay a visit to the kennel, make it a point to meet different staff members who will be caring for your Rottweiler dogs. If you do not feel comfortable with these individuals, you will feel uneasy leaving your pet with them. Don’t be afraid to take your business elsewhere if you are not impressed.
  • Overall impression of the facilities – After you meet the staff, take a good look at the establishment where your dog will be staying. Is it clean, orderly and spacious? Can you tell by looking at it if all of you dog’s specific needs will be met. Even if a kennel has a great staff, they must also have a great facility.
  • Emergency Plan – Should an emergency occur while your Rottweiler dogs are at the kennel, find out what emergency steps the kennel will take. If your pet should need Veterinarian assistance is there one close by? If so, who is this Vet and can they be trusted with your dog? On the other hand, if the Kennel provides their own emergency services, does it meet your approval?
  • Pre-trip boarding – Once you decide on a kennel, make sure you board your Rottweiler dogs there for a night or two before going on your trip to see how the environment suits him. If your dog responds poorly to the experience, you may want to hire a pet sitter so your dog can remain in an environment he is familiar with.

It is imperative that you find a kennel or a care giver that is ideal for your dog. Noting good will come of boarding your Rottweiler dogs at a kennel where he will be treated poorly, or be extremely unhappy during the time you are away. You must always keep your pet’s best interest at heart, just as you would your child.